Summer Reading

Before everyone abandons Engleman Hall, take a few moments to let others know what you plan to read over the summer.

21st-Century Literature

In our classes, we often spend the most time discussing novels, plays, and poems from days gone by, but during our “down” time, we often get a chance to read great literature published recently.  We are interested in your thoughts about the best book(s) you have read that has been published since 2000.  Can you recommend any “must reads”?  If so, post it in the comments section below.

No Such Thing as Free Rice?

Go to and for every vocabulary word you correctly define (multiple choice), the United Nations World Food Program distributes 20 grains of rice. According to the FAQ, the rice is purchased using advertisers’ fees. Now off you go to see if you know what “isinglass” means.

Vacation Reading List

The National Book Critics Circle polled more than 800 writers and readers and came up with the following list of the most recommended books of 2007. Following this list, the NBCC blog has been adding single titles from specific people nearly every day. Feel free to let us know if you’ve read any of these books and perhaps we can all offer our own suggestions.


Welcome to the blog for English majors and faculty at Southern Connecticut State University.  We would like to use this space to “talk” about all things literary, from discussing books and posting literary news to offering reading suggestions and sharing our creative work.  Feel free to post and comment, and, as always, keep reading.


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